Simplify your software testing processes 

using our automated testing service!

TestJet makes automation testing as simple as 1-2-3 using our Record-Play-Review approach made possible by our powerful cloud test automation services.

Simplify your software testing processes 

using our automated testing service!

TestJet makes automation testing as simple as 1-2-3 using our Record-Play-Review approach made possible by our powerful cloud test automation services.

Who Benefits from Using TestJet?


Do you have a web-based application you are responsible for? Whether you are responsible for the application as part of the user community or the product development team, modern applications are changing quickly.

Are you able to keep up with the testing burden? If you haven’t been able to maintain a sound testing library or you can’t test fast enough to keep up, TestJet is for you. Just Record-Play-Review your way to success.

Mobile App Automation

Testjet tests your IOS & Android solutions with high efficiency without breaking the bank! Testjet’s bleeding edge testing solution not only covers web testing but also covers your mobile application or the mobile version of your product as well! 

Benefits of QA Test Automation

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Broad test coverage

When you use testing automation frameworks your testing staff oversees test execution and does not manually execute the steps. Now you record your test cases instead of manually documenting them. This increased efficiency means that your staff can prepare more tests and expand test coverage using automated test suites.

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Easier maintenance

Automated test scripts are best managed as a series of small scripts linked together. Using this approach, responding to application changes is now easier and faster. When changes or additions are needed, targeted adjustments will keep your QA automation script library up to date.

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Faster troubleshooting

When an automation script fails, you need to determine why. Automated and manual analysis and comparison of captured screens and logs quickly pinpoint errors. As a result, non-specialized people can assess the test results and determine what went wrong.

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Scalable solutions

Whether your test team is small and part-time or large and dedicated, the TestJet cloud-based automation testing services can scale with you. The larger you grow, the more we can help you. You can select the subscription tailored to your current needs and scale it up as your automation testing services needs increase.

Ease of use

Available Integrations

Whether you use TestJet stand-alone automation test services or integrate them with your existing issue management, such as Jira, or testing management software, such as TestRail, TestJet can be scaled to meet your needs.

Customer support

Most of our subscription offers include 24*7 live chat access to our specialized and dedicated team. When you need test automation solutions support, we will be there for you.


Get Started with TestJet

TestJet is a powerful test automation service that has helped many organizations improve their software QA processes. How do you decide if it is right for you?



Contact us, and we can arrange a free demo of TestJet. We look forward to showing you the many ways TestJet can improve your automation testing practices. When we prepare your demo, we include a free consultation to help us understand what your pain points are and how our services will best help you.

Free Trial

If it looks like TestJet will work for you, we offer a 14-day free trial, so you can check us out. During this trial, you will have hands-on access to core TestJet functionality, so you can see for yourself the value we add.

Subscription Options

In addition to our 14-day free trial, we provide various subscription options. These options present a series of steps that allow you to expand the depth and breadth of the services you use. This variety lets you take small steps and grow into the full power TestJet can provide you.


Almost any organization can use test automation solutions. You can use it for your internal use or you can become a QA automation company providing quality assurance outsourcing services to others. 

Automation testing can replace your structured manual testing, playing a significant role in reducing testing time and creating efficient and effective QA teams.

Automated QA testing software significantly reduces test execution time, the effort to run tests, and the cost of those tests. Using our Play-Run-Review process means that non-technical people can quickly create test scenarios. The salary for such people is generally much lower than the salary of experienced test automation engineers.

Functional testing could involve something as easy as finding an existing product. The test creator would navigate to the find product screen, navigate to the product field, enter a product code, and execute the query to find the product. The QA automation software can then play that test to find the provided product code. Each test run is recorded and evaluated to determine test failure or success.

Companies that want to improve their software testing practices are well suited to using QA tools for testing automation. If they have a constantly changing product, investing in creating a pool of test scripts and regularly using them for automated continuous testing will provide good value.

Using our Record-Play-Review model, you can expand on our building blocks to provide services internally or you can become a QA outsourcing company. Some of the things you might offer include a functional testing service, web testing services, or ecommerce testing services.

Companies can use automation testing services for limited data entry automation. Instead of running the “test” in a test environment, run it in production and keep the data entry result.

Complete QA software covers the entire QA lifecycle. This lifecycle can include:

–        recording application requirements,

–        mapping requirements to application functionality,

–        test scenario creation,

–        scenario to functionality mapping,

–        test planning,

–        test scheduling,

–        test resource management,

–        test result recording,

–        result analysis,

–        issue management, and

–        reporting.

These services may be delivered by test suites or a collection of independent software.

Quality assurance is important for effective use of testing services. There are best practices that apply test automation. Not only should your QA team use test automation services for testing your application, they should assess the quality of how you use automation testing services. 

Test automation works very well for predictable and repeatable testing. The same test can be run repeatedly, efficiently, and reliably. Full test coverage involves some free-form testing where testers try unpredictable things to see how the application behaves. Automated testing is unsuitable for free-form testing. As well, if the behavior of the application is changing rapidly or not yet fully understood, manual testing may be more effective in the short term.

The two main types of performance testing are load and stress. Load testing assesses how an application performs under different loads. Stress testing determines how the application behaves in overloaded situations.

Mobile testing tests an application through the smartphone browser. Mobile application testing directly tests the smartphone’s mobile app.

Our Integration

We are constantly integrating platforms like Jira and TestRails, so that our users get to stay focused, all in one place!

Our Integration

We are constantly integrating platforms like Jira and TestRails, so that our users get to stay focused, all in one place!